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In this section we are collecting links to other sites of interest or that are hosted by organisations with similar aims to achieve gender equality. We do not yet (as at February 2016) have the endorsement of other groups and hope that our efforts may join with theirs. We acknowledge them and thank them for their work. All links were active on 22 February 2016.



UN Women National Committee Australia

UN Women National Committee (NC) Australia works to support UN Women’s work through fundraising, advocacy and awareness raising. We work closely with the Australian Government to ensure that gender equality is central to policy making and funding.  Over the last few years, we have also been working with a range of businesses who are seeking to accelerate their progress towards becoming more diverse and inclusive. UN Women NC Australia works to challenge gender stereotypes and advocates for equality of access and opportunity to translate efforts into action and ensure a future of gender equality.
The practical realisation of equality between men and women depends on both structural change and the implementation of laws; and social and behavioural change.
UN Women NC Australia believes that gender equality is possible to achieve with focus, investment and commitment from government, business and civil society and is working to recognise this vision.

A comprehensive list of resources on women in parliament in Australia prepared by the Parliamentary Library of the Australian Parliament.

Women's Electoral Lobby 

Australian Women's History

History of the Women's Electoral Lobby 



European Women's Lobby


European Parliament




50:50 Parliament






The Inter-Parliamentary Union site for promoting Democracy through partnership between men and women in politics

Heforshe a global initiative launched at the UN in 2014 by prominent women including Emma Watson - includes action kits - the chance to make a commitment - great platform for sharing 

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance IDEA

International Women's Democracy Center 

US Library of Congress Global survey of women in history - elected representatives 

US Library of Congress Global survey of women in history - voting rights