In Scotland attention turns to legislative action for gender balance in parliament

Again, from Scotland, disappointing results for the representation of women in the 2016 election are summed up:

Women's representation in Scottish Parliament fails to return to 2003 high. DESPITE hopes of an increase in the number of women MSPs, the Scottish Parliament will once again include 45 women, with Conservative gains partly blamed for lack of progress. 
Yesterday's Scottish parliamentary election returned the same number of women to Holyrood as in 2011, despite use of gender quotas and list zipping by several parties.  The proportion of women elected to Holyrood had been in steady decline since 2003, when 39.5 per cent of the total 129 MSPs were women. The figure in 2011 was 34.88 per cent, and this year saw no change.

It is interesting to note the conclusion that measures so far have failed to secure better gender representation for women and legislation is required. We should not expect the male dominated political system to roll-over - but we must believe in our power to make change happen.


...more from the Independent (updated 8 May) - gender representation no better in new parliament than the old - proving that fielding more female candidates is not enough. Women must have winnable spots on party lists if they are to be given a fair chance.

This article also talks about the failure to include women commentators in the election coverage - which is seen as a retreat from better female representation in the media in the Independence ballot and the lead up to the 2016 election.