Women for independence in Scotland present an election agenda for women

The Scottish election is to be held on 5 May 2016. Women for Independence national coordinator Kathleen Caskie writes:

My gran used to tell me I had two ears and one mouth for a reason, the implication being that I should listen for at least double the amount of time I spent talking.
In the heat of an election campaign, political parties are set to transmit, not receive, seeking to convince you why you should give them one or more votes. Hundreds of organisations in Scotland have produced their own 'manifestos' for the Scottish Parliament elections, lists of demands which they want the Scottish Parliament to implement or pay for.
All across Scotland voices are being raised to demand this or that action from the Scottish Parliament. And now, Women for Independence have joined the fray, by publishing our own report into what women want from the Scottish Parliament.

A highlight in the report is the following comment about 'employment' and 'care':

We do not consider ‘employment’ and ‘caring’ to be separate issues.  Both are work; sometimes some women get paid for this work.  Caring work disproportionately falls upon women in our society, and our lives often do not allow us to clearly separate paid work and unpaid work in a way that men more easily can.