Women's equality party in Scotland

Targeting violence against women, recognising the economic contribution of women, ensuring 5050 representation and pursuing equal pay and social security.

See also. - WE, founded by Catherine Mayer and comedian Sandi Toksvig, fights its first election at a time when we have a woman First Minister, a 50:50 cabinet and female leaders of the three main parties. Some might question what it is fighting for. But Anne Beetham, a founder of the party in Scotland, has a swift,sarcastic retort: “It’s wonderful that people are taken in by that smokescreen. Because, in fact, we only have 34 per cent of MSPs and only 24 per cent of councillors across Scotland are women, and out of 32 councils in Scotland only three are led by women. Out of 1,223 councillors across Scotland only four are black and minority ethnic women. That’s not good for our society.”