Pakistan - 'honour crimes' and disrespect

The reaction to alleged disrespect of women in parliament in Pakistan continues. This report covers the reaction of civil society organisations beginning with a statement from the Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG) Allianc:

The statement urged general public and civil society activists in particular to raise strong voice against the social mindset which allows men to abuse women at any forum. “Sadly, this has also penetrated in our respected Parliament. Passing sexist remarks, abusing, threatening and torturing women shall not be acceptable anymore. We, the women rights activists and organisations, demand speaker National Assembly and chairman Senate to cancel the memberships of abusers from Upper and Lower House,” said Rabeea Hadi, co-chair of EVAWG Alliance.
The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) also took serious notice of the growing disrespect, intolerance and impertinence amongst men and women in the country, especially on media and places of high order that should actually be presenting and promoting role models for the people of Pakistan.

The debate coincides with an increase in so-called 'honour crime' killings. 

It is also linked to the negative reaction to pronouncements by the Council on Islamic Ideology (CII) which reinforce violence against women.