More to do on women's rights in Nepal

More on the 2015 Constitution of Nepal and the limits on women passing citizenship to their children.

Kathmandu celebrated an early Deepawali this year as inhabitants took to the streets on September 20th to welcome the new constitution. Celebrations were definitely in order - after all, this was a constitution that abolished the death penalty, secured the rights of the LGBTI community, conferred equal property rights on Nepal's sons and daughters, and most importantly, reinstated the country's secular democratic credentials, despite much pressure from certainsections of Indian society. Why then were Nepali women still unhappy? Why did thousands of them come out on the streets in the run up to September 20th? What were those die-ins and week-long fasts all about?

An interesting piece from the archives of The Himalyan Times recording the commitment to 33% representation of women in 2006.