Tamil Nadu election 9% of seats to women

In Tamil Nadu the representation of women in parliament increases fractionally from 17 to 21 of 232 seats:

Out of a total of 3,787 candidates fielded by top political parties, including the ADMK, DMK, PMK, MDMK, VCK, Congress, CPI, CPI(M), Naam Tamizhar Katchi, BJP and TMC, there were 323 female candidates, less than 10 per cent.
At 9 per cent representation of women in the Assembly this time, there is nothing to crow about, even if the number of seats is slightly higher than last time, says Swarna Rajagopalan of Prajnya.
“It’s very pathetic. What’s worse is that no one thinks it is pathetic,” she adds. As the battle for securing 33 per cent reservation for women in the Parliament and Legislatives Houses, continues, it is disappointing to note that parties will not, of their own accord, field a substantial number of women candidates.