Women in parliament - comedy of 390BC

The Hellenic Art Theatre, is presenting Aristophanes’ play “Ecclesiazouses” (Women in Parliament) from May 13 until June 5, at the Greek Theater “Mantouridion” at the Greek Cultural Centre.
Written in 390 BC by Aristophanes, “Ecclesiazouses” is an ancient Athenian comedy, after Sparta’s defeat in the Peloponnese War and Socrates death by execution nine years later.
Women in Parliament is an ancient Athenian comedy written in 391BC, well after the Peloponnese War ended in defeat to Sparta and the execution of Socrates nine years later. The plot concerns a group of women, led by Praxagora, who have decided that the women must convince the Athenian men to pass the control of Athens to them, as they could rule it better than the men. Disguised as men, the women went into the assembly and voted for the measure.


Image courtesy of Unsplash.com