Bulgaria - career and family

From the trailblazing women series produced by the Huffington Post, Nadezhda Neynsky talks about juggling a political career with family:

Nadezhda Neynsky is the youngest woman Foreign Minister in the history of post-communist Eastern Europe 1997-2001. At 34 she joined the only democratic reformist government of Bulgaria after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. She took the country from the Russian geopolitical orbit and paved its way to EU membership and NATO. 

As a woman throughout those situations, my biggest challenge was to raise two small daughters while travelling all over the world, negotiating with friends and enemies, trying to achieve the best for my country, while at the same time being a good mother: present and responsive at important moments in the lives of my two small daughters. This is probably the challenge of all women who try to have successful careers in politics, business and science while keeping balance in their family lives. I have always tried to be a good mother and politician and though it may seem impossible, with a lot of effort and compromise, I was able to manage both roles at the same time. I’m proud that my children now understand all the sacrifices and personal investment I made in our lives, by being an example of a successful woman doing what she is passionate about, out of heart not only self interest.