Nordic countries slip but still lead Europe on gender balance

From the Globalist - 'Women: The world's largest constituency'

1.      Sweden ranks fourth worldwide, and first in Europe with 43.6% female representation

2.      Iceland (41.3%), Finland (41.5%), Norway (39.6%) and Denmark (37.4%) follow.

3.      In each of these Nordic countries women have a lower share of parliamentary seats than five years ago.

4.      Among the larger countries in Europe, Germany ranks 26th with women making up 36.5% of its parliamentary lower house.

5.      The United Kingdom ranks 48th (29.4%), Poland ranks 51st (27.4%), France ranks 58th (26.2%) and Russia ranks 131st (13.6%).

6.      Among all non-Nordic European member countries of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the average share of women in the lower house of parliament is 24.1%.