Trouble for women in politics in Cyprus

“In Cyprus, big parties feel like putting woman on the ticket is a favour, something they have to do for political correctness. We don’t want favours we deserve it.”

But it is ruling DISY that has been in the spotlight this week after their candidate Annita Demetriou gained a spot on the ticket for Larnaca during an in-party voting session on Sunday.

But after the political bureau convened on Tuesday to ratify the names, she ‘voluntarily withdrew’ her candidacy, a move which raised suspicions over what was going on behind the scenes.

Although she is now back on the ticket after her substitute, Volunteerism Commissioner Yiannis Yiannaki withdrew, the party spokesman Prodromos Prodromou made the situation worse.

“Personally, I would prefer if a woman was on [the ticket], but the decision we had to make was based on the fact that we are running in elections, not a beauty pageant,” he said.