Scrap single person electorates for proportional representation

Elizabeth May, the federal Green party leader in Canada, recently called for the scrapping of the first past the post (single member electorate) system in Canada. May advocates for proportional representation to remove the worst aspects of politics and get more women into parliament: 

May said it’s the federal and B.C. first-past-the-post voting system that tends to produce parliaments with far fewer women than countries with proportional representation and to get more women in politics, one of the key reforms that has to be embraced is to get rid of first-past-the-post.
May believes the system creates nastiness, which discourages women from getting involved in politics.
“Proportional representation will change our culture, make us less hyper-partisan, allow us to have dialogue where we agree with each other more, work towards consensus more,” she said. “I am quite convinced that changing our voting system to a system where every vote counts will make a huge difference in making politics less unpleasant and more productive; it will help Canadian citizens feel prouder of what they see happening on Parliament Hill or B.C. legislature.”