'Elbowgate' - aggressive male culture?

Angela Chapin writes about the need to put the incident with PM Justin Trudeau into perspective:

This week, a House of Commons vote turned into a nerdy spoof on a WWE show. Political Smackdown! Every Wednesday on CPAC! Yes, I’m talking about #elbowgate, featuring an impatient Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marching across the floor to drag a stalling Tory whip to his seat, elbowing NDP member of Parliament Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the process.
The incident has dominated the news in Canada and even attracted international attention, with headlines such as: “Canadians Are Outraged That Justin Trudeau Elbowed Someone And Hasn’t Apologized Enough Yet.”
Because this is politics, the NDP has blown the incident all out of proportion, labelling an elbow to the chest “physical violence” and suggesting the outside world would “call it assault.” While it’s insulting to real victims to compare an accident to actual violence against women, Trudeau’s behaviour underlines a serious problem in politics: In 2016, Parliament is still an aggressive, alpha-male dominated environment unwelcoming to many women.