Canadian PM apologises for elbow to female MP

Ian Austen writes in the Australian Financial Review about the apology made by PM Justin Trudeau to a female member of Canada's parliament who was elbowed in the chest by him

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada apologised repeatedly to the House of Commons after some jostling on its floor, in which he was accused of manhandling a Conservative member of Parliament and elbowing a female legislator.
Trudeau, who came to power in October saying he was proud to be a 'feminist, had grown visibly irritated as the opposition Conservative and New Democratic parties tried to stall a vote to limit debate on the government's assisted suicide legislation.
The Supreme Court of Canada has given Parliament until June 6 to pass a law allowing physician-assisted deaths.
Arcane parliamentary tradition means that voting cannot begin until the whips for the government and the official opposition members of Parliament who maintain caucus discipline are seated.

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