Women Elected To Parliament Since 1918 FINALLY Outnumber Sitting Male MPs | The Huffington Post

Following a by-election for the seat of Copeland, MP Trudy Harrison was elected and sworn in on Wednesday.

This makes Ms Harrison the 456th woman elected to the UK Parliament since 1918. At least for now this means that the number of women elected since 1918 (456) is no longer less than the number of men in the current Parliament (454)

However, there are just 196 female MPs compared to the 454 male MPs in the current Parliament.

Frances Scott, who founded the 50:50 Parliament campaign for a gender equal legislature, told HuffPost UK it was “great we’ve got another women elected in parliament”.
But she added: “We now have 196 women at Westminster but men still outnumber women by more than two to one. So the organisation is still predominantly male and that has a major impact on the legislation and the way debate happens.”