Gender imbalance in the Senate 2016 - early results - men in commanding lead

In the last Senate in Australia, of 76 senators 29 were women. That is 38%.

For the 2016 election, interim results are available with 11 seats in doubt. 

Of the 65 seats won or predicted to be won so far, women have 27 and men have 38.

The number of women elected (or predicted to be elected) by party are:

  • Labor Party 14
  • Liberal/National 7
  • Greens 3
  • Nick Xenophon Team 1
  • One Nation 1
  • Jacquie Lambie Group 1

It is not possible to make predictions for the remaining 11 seats. 

There may be more, but not so many more, women in the new Senate. Women would have to win all of the seats for which the outcome is currently doubtful for gender equity to be achieved in the new Senate.