Inside democracy - pollies freely reject advice and silence non-conforming views

Wilkie links Iraq involvement to terror threat via @ABCNews

Chilcot says warnings given pp 332-350:

346. Asked if “a war in Iraq would aggravate the threat from whatever source to the United Kingdom”, Baroness Manningham-Buller stated that that was the view communicated by the JIC Assessments. 

347. Baroness Manningham-Buller subsequently added that if Ministers had read the JIC Assessments they could “have had no doubt” about that risk. She said that by the time of the July 2005 attacks in London: “… an increasing number of British-born individuals … were attracted to the ideology of Usama Bin Laden and saw the West’s activities in Iraq and Afghanistan as threatening their fellow religionists and the Muslim world.”

 John Howard was not happy with such advice in OZ when stated publicly in 2004 – after the Madrid bombings. The then Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police was forced to ‘clarify his words’.