Australia - representatives not representative?

According to data compiled by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library in 2014, there were five MPs of Asian descent - that's just 2 percent of the parliament. There are four Indigenous MPs. 
Australia was largely established along racial divisions. Aboriginal Australians were not officially counted as citizens until 1967 and the White Australia Policy banned migrants from non-European backgrounds from entering the country until 1973.
But today, people from China and India form the two largest migrant groups, followed by the UK. In fact, 2011 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that 8.4 percent of the population comes from five Asian countries - India, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. 
  The Great Divide: Islamophobia in Australia
University of Queensland researcher Jen Kwok told Al Jazeera that because Austalian politics is dominated by two parties - the ruling conservative Liberal Party and the centre-left Labor Party - they are able to act as gatekeepers to the political scene.