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Differing attitudes to disrespect for women expressed by Australian Rules Football official:

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire's jokey comments about drowning Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson have elicited a rebuke from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Speaking at a press conference in Darwin on Tuesday, the Prime Minister weighed into the furore for the first time, saying ‘there is no place for disrespecting women’ – especially by public figures in privileged positions.
On his radio program last week, McGuire said he would pay $50,000 to see Wilson, The Age's chief football writer, ‘stay under’ freezing water, and another $10,000 for ‘everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her’. He then went on to call Wilson a ‘black widow’, complaining that she ‘just sucks you in and...bang! She gets you’. 
He later claimed the remarks were mere banter, and not intended to cause offence.
Mr Turnbull's take-down of McGuire contrasted with comments on Monday by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who dismissed the controversy as a distraction and said people should be more ‘robust’. ‘If we're going to take offence at every silly, offhand remark or attempt at humour, then we're not focusing on the really important issues of the day,’ she said. On Tuesday she refused to give the issue ‘oxygen’ by commenting further, but said ‘the issue of domestic violence is significant’.