Equal representation - a call for quotas - but why not democracy5050?

In the Australian Women's Weekly of 15 June, Paula Mathewson says that is time for the major political parties to adopt quotas to get more women into parliament.

Paula says that 30 percent is not good enough. Paula adopts the argument that women are needed to deal with typically women's issues. She covers, health, family, return to work and domestic violence. Paula notes that a childcare centre was not established in Parliament House until 2008 - twenty years after the building was opened. 

The two main parties are castigated - the Liberal party for not adopting quotas and the Labor party for setting a target date of 2025 for 50 percent of Labor representatives to be female. 

We would add that true democracy requires stronger more immediate action. Like Catherine Helen Spence - writing over 150 years ago in 1861 - we argue that single member electorates do not adequately represent many electors. The political parties cannot be relied on to change a system that favours them. Change must come and effective change requires equal numbers of seats for men and women in parliament - in both houses. Democracy5050 presents a workable model.