In a hurry? No time to waste? This is our top-10 pitch.

  1. Women make up just over half the population but less than one third of the seats in parliament
  2. Democracy requires equal representation of women and men
  3. One-member electorates disadvantage women and minority groups, and transfer power to the political parties
  4. Party quota systems for one-person electorates are not enough
  5. Australia's early lead on women's suffrage is diminished by delays and racist exclusions
  6. The time taken for a woman to be elected to parliament in South Australia - where the right to do so was first recognised in Australia - was 65 years - the typical span from birth to pension age for a man. In the federal parliament it was over 40 years
  7. In the federal parliament the number of seats gained by women have been little more than the seats added for population growth, it took 90 years for women to hold more than 10% of seats
  8. The federal Electoral Act can be amended to provide for a male and a female representative per electorate - with the number of electorates cut in half to keep the parliament at the same size. This is a simple adaption of proportional representation
  9. A fundamental shift is required to make 50-50 the norm
  10. Australia can take a lead in the global adoption of 50:50 representation. This must happen, can happen and will happen. Will you be one to take a stand so women can take their seats?