Gender equality as global concern

Former Greens leader and Australia's Ambassador for Gender Equality, Natasha Stott Despoja calls for more action to improve gender equality at the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen:

Ms Stott Despoja, whose appointment ends in December this year, said the time was right to advance the campaign to improve women's rights after the 193 United Nations member states agreed last year to aim for gender equality by 2030.
"There is a very strong understanding among legislators and powerbrokers and ministers and civil society and NGOs that women and girls and gender equality is where it is at," she said, flatly ruling out a return to politics when her term ends.
"We have to invest in women and girls if we want a world that is stable, secure and prosperous and one that grows."

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We observe that Australia can provide real leadership by implementing equal gender balance in parliament using our democracy5050 model.