Letter to editor (SMH 26/4/16) linking the dismal state of party politics to the single member electorates

Interesting to see the following letter to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald on 26 April 2016 questioning single member electorates.

We quote the full letter - whether the author would support our idea for male and female representatives per electorate is not known. It does meet the need for more inclusive (not just two-party) politics.

'Our system incites pork barrel politics

Tim Dick has put his finger on it ("Roll out the pork barrel one more time", April 25). The single-member electoral district system must go, the sooner the better.

 It took the New Zealanders a royal commission in 1986 to change but either major party here can simply adopt it now as the electoral system of the immediate future. The toxic, unstable, adversarial political culture of the country will change. And, as Dick so clearly reveals, pork barrelling will end.

But that is not all, folks. We will see a diversity of interests and views represented in our parliaments. The best proportional representation system is the Open Party List, not Hare-Clark. The Open Party List is widely used in other countries. What it means is that the voters' task is to select a preferred party and a preferred candidate with just one mark: easy, efficient, economical and highly democratic.

Voting will become a pleasure, not a duty.


Klaas Woldring Pearl Beach '