Mongolian elections

Mongolia elections

Mongolian pop singer and single mother Nara swapped her trademark miniskirt for a traditional "deel" to campaign in tented slums for a seat in parliament, but would-be female parliamentarians face an uphill challenge as the country goes to the polls Wednesday.
Women politicians have been making strides in Asia in recent years, and on some measures Mongolia fares well on gender equality, but weeks ago mostly male MPs voted to reduce a quota for female candidates.
Nara, 33, whose full name is Munkhturiin Narantuya and who has a two-year-old son, aspires to "change the system, involve myself to influence how the system should work", she told AFP as she walked past open drains in Mongolia's capital Ulan Bator. 

A Mongolian court ruling in May changed the electoral system from proportional representation to a first-past-the-post model. In a separate parliamentary decision, the quota of seats for women has been cut to 20% from 30%. 

13 women likely to be elected (up from 11 in the previous election)