Gender quota system needed in Somaliland

From Somaliland - there is one woman in the lower house of parliament and getting more women elected would require quotas at least, to overcome entrenched barriers. The article quotes Baar Saed Farah who is the only woman in Somaliland's 82-member Lower Chamber. Women are not permitted in the 82-member House of Elders in the Upper Chamber.

Baar Saed Farah spoke of efforts to reserve 30 seats for women at the upcoming elections in 2017:

‘Without a women's quota I don't think there will be any more women in parliament,’
‘In normal employment there is no differentiation between genders but when it comes to political participation it becomes very difficult for women because of a culture that favors men’. 
'Even women may not accept a woman running for election because they are so used to men making decisions'.