Sierra Leone tributes for the late Jo Cox MP

In Sierra Leone, parliamentarians pay tribute to the late Jo Cox MP and reflect on security for parliamentarians:

The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Thursday 23rd June 2016 paid tributes to Mrs. Jo Cox, a British Member of Parliament in United Kingdom (UK) who was shot dead recently. Majority leader of parliament- Hon. Ibrahim R. Bundu in his eulogy said the now deceased Member of Parliament who was elected in 2015 was assassinated on 16th June, 2016. He said she (the late British parliamentarian) was married with two children and was shot three times in the chest and died on the spot. 

He added that Mrs. Cox was a very active Member of Parliament in Britain and a very committed to her constituents. The Majority Leader said the entire world is crying for that young lady today. ‘Securing Members of Parliaments should be considered very highly around the world. The sectors responsible for that should take note of that,’ he suggested.

 Another MP- Hon. Patricia Brown, in her tribute said violence against women in politics is happening all over the world now and it’s affecting women greatly. She mentioned in no uncertain terms that strong security measures should be provided for Members of Parliament in and out of their various constituencies. She went saying ‘the death of that British MP has instilled fear in them, in the African countries and this calls for a concern.Rising, Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai said they were paying special tributes to Jo Cox because she was a female seating member of parliament in Britain. She asserted that the entire world was mourning her that day, and added that Sierra Leone Parliament was playing its part as well, because ‘all Members of Parliament across the world belong to the same family.’ She explained that Mrs. Cox had incomparable humanitarian feelings for her constituents and was ready to work in their interests. She disclosed that the life of MPs is threatened by their opponents and every other that does not like what they are doing for their constituencies. She added that even Parliament’s security is not strong because people just enter their offices without any appointment with them. ‘Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs), organization, Banks and many other institutions have security guards why not MPs?’ she enquired.