Support for rural women in Ethiopia

An Ethiopian program uses Italian government aid to target the rural livelihoods of women:

Parliament has approved a 30-million-dollar loan in a bid to support women's entrepreneurship and pastoral communities. The loan is intended to help execute development Projects in regions that host a predominately pastoralist community, while also supporting the business creativity of women.
The project targets a population estimated to be between 12 million and 15 million. (An) additional 15 million dollars, (to) support female entrepreneurs, is being injected as part of an agreement signed last year between the Ethiopian and Italian governments. The 15-million-dollar loan has been provided interest-free and will have to be paid back within 27 years.
This programme aims to increase the income of women running micro-enterprises in both urban and rural areas, through business development training, capital leasing and matching grants. The programme has three core components - access to finance; entrepreneurial skills, technology and cluster development; and project management, advocacy and outreach, monitoring, evaluation and impact evaluation.
Reports show that unemployment is three time higher for women than their male counterparts, as well as a 50pc wage gap.